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In a world of increasing need for transparency, our mission is to impact consumers by building trust across the entire food supply chain through communication, simplicity, and innovation.


Communication is the foundational step to align expectations among all stakeholders, especially with the primary stakeholder, the end consumer.


We transform ideas into reality, simplifying the current static system into a simple and continuously improving solution.


Leveraging technology to make the system more accessible and equitable for small suppliers, minorities, and consultants.

Our Values

Humility, Trust and Commitment


We believe that trust is earned over time through consistent actions and delivering on our promises. Our commitment to transparency, accountability, and open communication with our clients helps establish a foundation of trust that will last for years


We believe that humility involves embracing a mindset of openness, empathy, and continuous learning, employing the power of collective wisdom


We believe commitment involves adopting a mindset of dedication, responsibility, and focus to deliver and exceed client expectations.

My Trusted Source Team

Our Board Advisors

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