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Testimonial: Carbex's Journey Towards FSSC 22000 Certification with MyTS

Our company, which specializes in the ice cream market, has gone through a period of growth. The decision to seek FSSC certification was motivated mainly by our need to meet the food safety requirements demanded by clients who were seeking Carbex as their supplier.

For this type of certification, part of the work takes place in the supply chain, where we faced difficulties in document management. The need to have the documentation organized led us to look for a solution to manage these processes.

What impressed me most about MyTS was its dynamics, ease of use and, most importantly, its ability to simplify our document management. With alerts and notifications for suppliers about charges, pending issues and updates, our work has become considerably easier.

With a clear view of our suppliers and their status, we were able to keep our partners compliant and up to date. Being able to centralize all requirements in one place has brought incredible order and organization to our processes. With the document validity management function, we can ensure that we are working with up-to-date and valid documentation.

Due to the significant amount of documents to be managed and the construction of our ISO 22000 Management System, we faced a considerable demand in document creation. It was at this point that MyTS played a crucial role, enabling us to manage our suppliers quickly and effectively, an essential step for success in the certification audit.

During the certification process, we followed a careful set of audit stages. In Phase II, we presented in detail how MyTS is used to manage our suppliers. Under the auditors' review, we evaluated several suppliers and the result was extremely positive. The platform demonstrated its effectiveness in supplier management in a practical way, achieving impeccable performance without any 'non-conformities' in the competencies related to the MyTS solution.

Today, with MyTS, we have clear visibility of the approval status of suppliers and a direct communication channel with our partners. This has allowed us to significantly improve our quality processes and achieve FSSC 22000 certification. We hope that our experience can be inspiring and useful for other companies seeking excellence in food safety.


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